Oracle remote DBA services

Modern database technology ownership 

Most owners of business information systems are proficient with the configuration and use of their applications. However, they are typically less experienced with the details of troubleshooting, tuning, optimizing and the on-going maintenance of modern relational database technology.

Business applications operate in dynamic environments.  Critical performance tuning and system optimization parameters need to be monitored over time to make sure they are always adjusted for the best possible operation. System resources must also be continually monitored to ensure they are allocated optimally.
The critical key operational indicators should be collected and analyzed over time so that system usage trends can be studied. Future management and maintenance planning activities can be performed as a result of the trend analysis that is made possible by collecting this information..

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The problem of database management 

Maintaining a resident database administrator to care for these information systems can be costly and problematic. Business and economic pressures on modern information technology (IT) departments normally do not allow for this type of specialization to develop within the organization.
In many cases, performance tuning and system resource allocation analysis activities are neglected and give way to other critical activities of a higher immediate business priority.  IT staff members who are responsible for the management and administration of the database platform under these circumstances do not get the opportunity to become expert in the narrow field of platform optimization and proactive database management and administration.

The Remote DBA Solution

The goal of NGa*Dba is to provide a cost-effective solution to meet the day-to-day challenges of availability and performance of your critical business information systems. 
We accomplish this through a comprehensive remote DBA service including not only remote monitoring, but also the dedicated services of our experienced engineers who are just a phone call away.  Our service is designed specifically to meet the Oracle administration, maintenance, management, support, and consulting needs of our clients.

Our methodology provides numerous benefits to our customer

  • To reduce the cost of managing Oracle databases
  • To receive immediate help from qualified DBA experts whenever needed.
  • To avoid the time and exorbitant expense of hiring permanent DBAs.
  • To avoid hiring full-time DBAs, especially where there are not enough activities to keep them challenged and busy.
  • To make sure that your data-centers are monitored and supported. 

Cross Platform Support

We support Oracle databases on various platforms including:

  • Sun Solaris
  • Linux
  • Windows